JoeShon Monroe

iOS Engineer

Over 8 years I have developed web and mobile apps for hospitals, amusement parks, cities, world class resorts, and small businesses. I now focus on creating great iOS apps. Please take a look at some of the projects I had the pleasure to be a part of below.

Always On


Always On is a music player created for T-Mobile to create an audio experience with a variety of speakers and headphones they offer in their flagship stores.

The app was built for iPhone and iPod and uses an API built with Django that allows the client to update the list of songs the app can download and play.

Firebase powers the app’s analytics and tracking.

Role: Lead iOS Developer

Technologies: Swift, UIKit, Cocoapods, Alamofire, Django, AWS S3, AWS EC2, Firebase

Launch Console

Space Coast Launches

Launch Console is an app that tracks the launch schedule for spacecraft lifting off from Cap Canaveral, Florida. It provides the latest temperature, countdown time, video feed, and a compass for visitors.

Our team inherited the project from the client's previous developers with the task to maintain and update the codebase. The app is primarily in Swift and uses Storyboards to map out the four tab views of the application.

The background animations were done using MP4 videos and overlaying dynamic content on top. We adjusted the UI to work for notched iPhone models and added API calls to allow the CMS to update relevant information ahead of a launch.

Role: iOS Developer

Technologies: Swift, UIKit, Cocoapods, Alamofire


Bachelors of Science in Web Design and Development from Full Sail University


Universal Studios, NBC Universal, Florida Hospital, Orlando Health, T-Mobile, Disney, J.M. Smucker, Three21 Creative, GoConvergence, Royal Carribean, and Baha Mar


Swift, PHP, MySQL, Python, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5

Package Managers

Cocoapods, Carthage, NPM, and Swift Package Manager

Editors of Choice

Xcode and Visual Studio Code